Friday, September 23, 2011

Cake Pops - "Heaven on a stick"

Welcome to Sweet Tooth Cakes & Confections...
Treat yourself to a little bit of heaven today!
Cake Pops are currently the trendiest dessert around. One taste is all it takes to see why they are often referred to as heaven on a stick. Imagine everything you love in a cupcake, hand rolled into a ball, dipped in chocolate and served on a stick.  Cake Pops are great for any occasion, and with endless flavor and design combinations, you create the perfect indulgence for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, dinner parties, holidays, and more!
Each cake pop is hand crafted and made to order, so you can expect a fresh delightful treat.  They're the perfect addition to any party or get together.   Best of all, they're completely customizable.  It's cake without the mess! 

Available Flavors:

  • Traditional Chocolate (chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, dipped in chocolate)
  • Traditional Vanilla (yellow cake, vanilla frosting, dipped in chocolate)
  • German Chocolate (Chocolate cake with a caramel pecan coconut filling)
  • Velvet Bliss (Red Velvet cake, cream cheese frosting)
  • Marvelous Marble (yellow cake, chocolate fudge ganache)
  • Party Confetti (white cake, sprinkles in the cake, vanilla frosting)
  • Cookies N Cream (chocolate or white cake, crushed cookies & vanilla frosting)
  • Coconut Paradise (coconut cake & vanilla cream filling, topped w/ toasted coconut)
  • Creamy Carrot (Carrot cake, cream cheese frosting)
  • Candy Bar Madness (chocolate cake, crushed candy bar, chocolate frosting)
  • White Chocolate Raspberry (White cake, raspberry jam & vanilla cream) 
  • Peanut Butter (yellow cake, peanut butter & chopped peanut butter cups)
  ** All cake pops can be dipped in your choice of premium white or milk chocolate.

$15 per dozen (2 dozen minumum order)
Customized orders available... additional cost may apply

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